About Us

Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd is a leading natural health and beauty manufacturer in Sri Lanka with European recognized GMP and international ISO standards. With plants and science at the core of the company, we have passionately created Sri Lanka’s largest privately owned Medicinal Plant Garden, as well as published an exceptional book on the medicinal plants of Sri Lanka, titled ‘A Collection of Medicinal Plants in Sri Lanka (revised edition)’ that comprises valuable traditional and scientific details on a selection of 348 plants.

In order to allow academics, researchers and naturalists free access to the content of the book, we have transferred all the content of the book, including its references, into this digital format.

We hope the content of this website furthers scientific research into medicinal plants, and encourages people to understand the invaluable power of plants and the necessity to protect and conserve them for generations to come.

To learn more about, please visit us on www.nbc.lk

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