Chairman’s Message


Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd. is a natural cosmetics manufacturer in Sri Lanka that produces genuine herbal cosmetics for customers worldwide. As a producer of high quality, nature-based cosmetics, Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd. understands and appreciates the incomparable value of medicinal plants.

The medicinal and healing properties of plants have long been known and practised by our ancestors for thousands of years, the knowledge carefully passed down through the generations; an invaluable, traditional inheritance. The island’s expansive forests were the sacred medicinal troves of the indigenous people. However, these forests housing valuable  medicinal  plants  have  since  decreased  in  size  and  number  due  to deforestation, such as the vast destruction of mountainous forests to grow cash crops such as tea during the period of British colonial rule. Hence, it is important that we actively endeavour to protect what is remaining of the island’s medicinal plants and ensure their sustainable use in order to prevent the demise of an ancient, herbal healing system.

It is with the aim of preserving our traditional medicinal inheritance, whilst also enabling present and future generations to learn and appreciate the value of medicinal plants, that we grew a large herbal garden around our factory. Our herbal garden contains over 500 varieties of time tested medicinal plants found in Sri Lanka, including many that are rare and endemic to the island.

To create greater awareness of Sri Lanka’s medicinal plants and make their information more accessible to the public, we documented valuable knowledge of some of our medicinal plants, validated by professionals in the field, in the first edition of our book ‘Collection of Medicinal Plants in Sri Lanka’. In this new revised and illustrative edition of the book we have taken further steps to provide more comprehensive data regarding the medicinal plants, including their chemistry and bioactivity.

We hope this revised edition will help illustrate the importance of Sri Lanka’s medicinal plants even more and promote further research into their wonders. I hope that you will appreciate the great worth of our country’s medicinal plants and that you will endeavour to protect and cultivate them, ensuring that future generations can benefit from their remarkable value as well.


Samantha Kumarasinghe

Chairman/Managing Director

Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd.

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